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This site presents a short summary of our three primary products and services:  Health Excellence Plus (individuals  who become independent contractors and who meet the requirements can join this Plan as described below); Pre-Need Funeral Planning Arrangements; and Health and Wellness Products and Services.  You can learn more by reading the short overviews below, clicking on the links, calling us at 561-922-9316 or 561-734-3884 or emailing us at We are listed in the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Directory for all three products and services.


Health Excellence Plus is a powerful, comprehensive wellness program coupled with a robust, low-cost option for managing your health care needs. 

The Plan uses a complete 5-tier layered strategy to reduce and control health care costs that complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and on an overall basis can often cost less than 50% of healthcare provided through traditional health insurance. 

Group medcal cost sharing provided through Sedera Health comprises the core of the program.  It's designed for health conscious people who strive to live a healthy lifestyle.  It may not be appropriate for those with pre-existing conditions, smokers, conditions that may be limited in some way under the Select Membership Sharing Guidelines or those who qualify for large subsidies under the ACA.  However, no one is denied membership on the basis of health status, although medical conditions that existed prior to membership may be limited or excluded from sharing.

Who's Eligible To Join?

You're eligible to enroll in Health Excellence Plus if you become employed as an MPowering Benefits contractor by completing a health risk assessment (we call this a "living risk assessment" because you're continuously able to update your goals and objectives based on your progress toward living a healthy lifestyle instead of using a traditional static health risk assessment) and then refer at least one person per calendar year who becomes a program member and remains enrolled for a minimum of 60 days. You'll be compensated $25 for completing the assessment and $100 for each qualified referral. (Our experience is that 97% of plan members make referrals, so this requirement should not be a problem for you.) You'll receive a 1099 and, as such, are permitted to enroll in the program.

Enrollment is year-round, and there are no restricted enrollment periods.  

We also offer this complete 5-tier layered approach to other small employer groups (i.e. groups with less than 50 full-time employees; contractors are not counted against this limit).  Please contact us for more information.

How Does Medical Cost Sharing For Small Groups Work?

This video explains how the medical cost sharing portion and most other components of the Plan work.  The Plan is considered a small group plan under the terms of the Affordable Care Act. Please read the HOME page and the Health Excellence Plus page of for additional information.

This illustration shows how the Sedera medical cost sharing portion of the Plan works differently than insurance.


Although we know that life comes to an end, it's often difficult to plan for this inevitable fact.  More people are beginning to understand that taking care of things ahead of time can relieve the burden on their loved ones.  Planning your final arrangements in advance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family.

A Last, Best Gift For the People You Love Most

With our funeral pre-planning arrangement program, families can see the advantages and peace of find of: 

  • Making decisions together rather than making them alone at a most difficult time
  • Pre-arranging and pre-funding one's own funeral (like other major life events, funerals require planning)
  • Eliminating emotional overspending that occurs at time of need
  • Locking in funeral costs at today's prices with over 2,000 Participating Providers (costs increased 28.6% in the last decade but increased 87% in the decades of highest inflation)
  • Fully paying the cost of your package in a lump sum or in installments (in contrast, total traditional life and final expense premiums are usually payable until death and can greatly exceed the cost of a pre-planned funeral arrangement program)

When Your Death Occurs, Which Of These Statements Would You Have Liked To Have Been Able To Have Made?

"We took care of this years ago"


"I wanted to take care of this years ago but didn't"

Click the Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements page on for more information

Click here to request information or set up an in-home appointment. 


Modern healthcare is a complex maze of choices, options, and information overload.  Sadly, the attention is often on disease management instead of preventive care. Preventive care focuses on becoming and staying well, which is the key objective of all the health and wellness tools offered by My Academy of Health Excellence. It's up to you to become or stay well through education, nutrition and fitness.  No doctor, hospital or prescription drug alone can do this for you without your active engagement.

The Academy of Health Excellence has introduced three different plans (Bronze, Gold and Platinum) that are offered on a stand-alone basis to those with or without health insurance (the tools included in the GOLD Plan are included in Health Excellence Plus).  The Bronze  Plan is FREE to those who join, whereas the Gold and Platinum plans contain additional tools and resources and are provided at a monthly cost of $25 and $50 per membership type, respectively. 

Please call us 561-922-9316 (office/cell) or 561-734-3884 (local) to obtain additional information or us to help you enroll in one of these programs.


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